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Superior Mark Number one in self-adhesive floor tape


Easymarking.co.uk - Fast, Easy & Durable

Easymarking is a company with more than 25 years of experience in marking parking lots, distribution centers, warehouses, industrial halls and so on. Due to a 24 hours economy we were asked more often if there isn’t an alternative instead of paint when marking. Paint has several disadvantages: long drying times, a very penetrant smell and it’s not easy to remove when the logistic process changes. The requirement for this alternative was, however, that it’s resistant to forklift traffic and sliding pallets. With some pride we can say that with Superior Mark we sell a product that meets to that requirement. This self-adhevise floor marking/tape has a powerful patented glue layer and is also very easy to remove without causing damage.

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Advantages over other tapes

Superior Mark Tape
Other Tapes
Extra powerful patented adhesive system.
To be used immediately after application, no drying time.
Easy to apply.
Durable beveled edges.
Odorless, no chemical fumes.
Easy to remove, useful for Lean 5S.


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With the tape from Easymarking.co.uk

Easy to apply on every floor!

Tutorial videos with clear explanations.

Patented Adhesive System.

Removeable without damage.